KAIVERSE eKYC and AML Automation for
the iGaming Industry

As online iGaming becomes more popular and e-commerce activities continue to expand into gaming sectors, the laws and regulations requiring online ID verification and anti-money laundering are becoming more critical for online gaming operators and regulators.

Fortunately, the regulatory compliance requirements for the online gaming industry with the latest KYC & AML audit software from KAIVERSE has made the process more cost-effective, faster, and accessible while reducing human error.

KAIVERSE is making Risk and Fraud management for online gaming services more efficient and ensuring operator identity verification and anti-money laundering management work, with faster account approval and onboarding of new customers at registration or withdrawal processing. In so doing, cutting time, cost and maintaining required regulatory requirements effortlessly.

At KAIVERSE, we know that keeping up with all the industry regulations to avoid fraud and potential criminal activity using operators' products or services is a challenging yet vital aspect of the business. Especially when operator revenue, reputation, and customer satisfaction are on the line. But eKYC and AML don't have to be a problem.

With KAIVERSE's fully automated system, it can become an integral part of an operator's customer journey leading to customer satisfaction.

Kaiverse offers flawless KYC and AML services for online gaming operators.

Today, consumers from all corners of the planet frequent sports iGaming sites that offer a broad range of sports, e-sports, table games, card games, and slot machines to have a chance of winning money.

With the opportunity to benefit from the revenue potential of online gaming, investors and entrepreneurs are targeting this lucrative business domain and investing heavily in software that enables the launching and running of iGaming operations. Unfortunately, the enormous sums of revenue generated through online gaming activity by operators and stakeholders attract a variety of criminal activities and fraudsters who try to benefit or circumvent the systems in illegal ways.

In response, iGaming ventures rely on ID verification algorithms as a part of their KYC (Know Your Customer) initiatives to rule out all chances of abuse and manipulation symptomatic of fraudulent activity.

KAIVERSE delivers Brand Integrity and Operational Consistency
KAIVERSE delivers Brand Integrity and
Operational Consistency

KAIVERSE is easily integrated into a website backend CMS or app for a smoother brand experience and reduced dropout rates.

The KAIVERSE fully automated eKYC and AML Process reduces the need for costly manual intervention, our automated process, and adaptive AI require no verification decisions from Risk and Fraud management, allowing staff to focus on customer service and conversions.

KAIVERSE eKYC and AML software promote Social Responsibility, increasing brand loyalty by showing new and existing customers that personal data privacy, digital security, and account protection are secure.

Avoid Negative Consequences of Fraud in Online Gaming with KAIVERSE Software

Avoiding these undesirable consequences is possible with a robust cyber security policy and compliance with legal regulations (Specifically, AML legislation practices and eKYC account onboarding and withdrawal requirements). By applying due diligence and regulatory compliance, operators must know the potential customer and their funds' origin.

The initial activity requires a registering customer to complete online application data, enter a verifiable email address and submit required documents, ID with a photograph, and a utility bill by uploading or emailing the required ID proof to the operator. The time that elapses varies from 24 to 72 hours before a customer receives a response which may not be worth the wait, as in some cases, the customer may receive a message that some procedures must be repeated or additional supporting documents submitted. As a result, many potential customers never convert to genuine customers; instead, choosing another online gaming provider with a more efficient and faster verification procedure. That is why streamlining and facilitating the ID verification process is mission-critical for customer onboarding and retention, and this is what KAIVERSE eKYC and AML excel at.

KAIVERSE delivers Brand Integrity and Operational Consistency
The KAIVERSE Process

Given the specifics of the iGaming industry, KAIVERSE offers a swift and efficient ID verification and anti-money laundering mechanism that includes the following aspects.

  • ID Scan - Government-issued photo IDs and passports from 198 countries can be scanned and verified as authentic within minutes.
  • ID Check - Our AI-driven automated verification system is programmed to recognize every field and checksum in documents and compare data from the visual part of the document and its MRZ code. Once the process is complete, you get all extracted data collected.
  • Identity Verification - Facial recognition verifies the customer's identity by comparing the customer's facial biometrics to the submitted photo ID.
  • Liveness Check – Intelligent Software learning likeness algorithms and real-time photo verification determine whether the customer is a real person.
  • ID Confirmation - If the customer passes the ID verification process, KAIVERSE AI Software confirms that the relevant aspects of the customer's identity are verified.
  • Age Verification - Online gaming is only allowed and accessible to the 18+ (or +21) demographic by law and regulatory licensing compliance. KAIVERSE applies age parameters valid for the country clients register from. This step also includes ID authenticity checking to identify and prevent document forgery.
  • Gaming Addiction Database Check - KAIVERSE's specialized AI-adaptive software can detect problem gamblers and enter them into a united database. We see that people listed there aren't allowed to play at your online casino. If the vendor has their own addicts checklist, our software can be configured to run through it.
  • Transaction Confirmation - The KAIVERSE system monitors the correspondence of the deposited sum with the customer's bank statement.
  • Payment Method Confirmation - To avoid chargebacks and bolster payment fraud prevention, KAIVERSE ensures winnings are received by a customer of an appropriate age who was engaged in gaming and eliminates withdrawal fraud.
  • Ongoing Monitoring - Anti-money laundering screening, involving SEP, PEP, and criminal watch lists, is performed continuously to prevent people in the respective databases (or the vendor's custom blacklist) from illegally acquiring money at stake.
  • Offline Verification – KAIVERSE eKYC and AML contain a mobile app used in brick-and-mortar betting shops and casinos with much the same functions.
Why do you need KAIVERSE?
Why do you need KAIVERSE?

KAIVERSE is an experienced provider of eKYC and AML software in the online gaming industry, with extensive knowledge of Regulatory eKYC and AML Compliance requirements. KAIVERSE can verify over 10,000 documents valid in almost 250 countries and more as gaming markets expand. KAIVERSE's adaptive AI software constantly upgrades and refreshes to include new or updated government ID documents. Including KAIVERSE into a Risk and Fraud

Online gaming is a high-risk sphere that requires stringent ID verification procedures and AML checks for smooth and safe operations for Customers, iGaming operators, and Regulators. KAIVERSE provides a complete range of ID verification and anti-money laundering services that enable operators to facilitate and automate all checking procedures, ensuring regulatory eKYC and AML compliance requirements are met. With KAIVERSE Know Your Customer (eKYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML), authentication and prevention activity are optimized and ensure operators can provide a secure gaming environment to oblige customers and prevent cybercrime while increasing profitability.

Management procedure will benefit productivity, efficiency, and revenue generation for online gaming operators because we ensure:


It takes just a few seconds to verify any documents and photos customers submit with the highest SLA applied to manual checks.



Our online gaming experts in regulation, risk, and fraud with our proprietary compliance system we extend to customers provide the high-end results of our ID verification system.



ISO certificates and regular security audits practiced by our specialists safeguard meticulous compliance with security requirements adopted in the field.